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The mission of the Huber Heights City School District is to educate all students to achieve at their highest academic potential in a safe, disciplined, and nurturing environment supported by parents and community.

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This Moodle site provides online information and learning opportunities for Huber Heights City School students and staff. The site includes access to information, enrichment and supplemental activities, along with professional development opportunities. Content is organized into courses, all of which require students and staff to have a username, password and/or an enrollment key.

Why Moodle?

Online learning and collaboration is an important tool in today’s global economy. Through the use of this learning portal, HHCS educators may provide students with key skills to assist in their education and transition into the workforce. Professionals in all professions now collaborate on projects through online resources over the Internet to meet job requirements. In addition, information is now widely available through the Internet in a variety of digital formats, which allows educators to expand student access to learning, remediation or enhancement materials any place or time students have access to the Internet. Students can currently attend school from kindergarten through college in totality or in part through Internet virtual schools. Many states have mandated online technology skills for students and by the year 2019, it is believed that over 50% of school courses will be delivered online. Schools will not have to limit course offerings since they will have the ability to offer any course to any student via the Internet.

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